PCOS and its effect on your periods


PCOS and its effect on your periods

2020-10-19 00:50:04

   Polycystic ovary syndrome known as PCOS can cause an upsurge to a number of indications and upsetting periods. PCOS affects up to 10% of women. Some women with PCOS have consistent periods, high levels of androgens, and a little more insulin than usual in their bodies which can interrupt the regular cycle of ovulation and menstrual cycle of many women with PCOS.

Some of the factors that cause PCOS are:
·         Insulin resistance
·         An increase in androgens
·         An imbalance in other sex hormones
·         Genetics

Women with this syndrome can cause irregular periods, or in some cases stop completely. The average menstrual cycle in a woman is 28 days, but in an unbalanced period of a cycle is defined as either a woman with eight or smaller amounts of menstrual cycles per year.
Research proves that women with PCOS who are bulky can experience more problems with their periods as compared to women who are of perfect weight. A regular appointment with your dietitian can benefit you find a diet plan that is suitable for you and support you to accomplish your long-term goals


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