What is Pinktober?


What is Pinktober?

2020-10-08 15:41:15

It’s October and you can see numerous shades of pink, the color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many folks, including breast cancer fighters denote it to the month as “Pinktober”. For some people, this month is about celebrating strength and endurance. For others, this month is about educating people about the harsh realities of breast cancer.

Entire month is breast cancer awareness month. Together, we can promote and use our power of speech for something more than pink, which incorporates many aspects of living with breast cancer. October is an important month for those living in the breast cancer realm. October is the time to endorse these organizations that are trying to make a change and give optimism to those with breast cancer while remembering those who have gone before us.

The image below was turned pink in support for the breast cancer patients.
During COVID-19, there's a high risk that breast cancer might not be at the forefront of your priorities but there are various ways whether it's spreading awareness, signing a petition, contributing to an organization or hospitals that are supporting patients, or volunteering virtually. 


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