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MyDoctionary is a trusted platform to get yourself treated from eminent doctors by an appointment, booking your medicines for a takeaway when convenient or an online delivery from popular pharmacies, and collection of samples at your doorstep or an online reservation of required tests from labs of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My DOCtionary is a platform for all your healthcare needs i.e Getting medicines from pharmacies.
Yes, My DOCtionary is available for the newest versions of both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.
It fills in the void created by the inconvenience in getting medical care. For example, with My DOCtionary, one can get one’s medicine delivered at home by following some simple steps on its app or website.
The problem might be with the mobile phone itself. If the problem persists contact My DOCtionary.
If the medicine or lab tests are available it will be shown on our search bar. Appointments are dependent on doctors, who will inform via email. If further information is needed, you can contact us directly.
The process is simple. You search your lab test or medicine in the search bar after you have provided us with your full name and delivery address. Once you have found your medicine/test, add quantity. Afterward, add your medicine/test to the cart to get an approximate bill. After you proceed to checkout, My DOCtionary will show the nearest pharmacies/labs. Place your order to initiate it.
Click on your chosen doctor for an appointment. Fill form for appointment date and time slot regarding that doctor then request the appointment. The hospital or doctor will respond to your request. You will get the email if the appointment is approved or rejected.
Refresh the browser or app to see if the order is placed. If the problem still persists contact My DOCtionary.